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        Don't doubt, you will never have a pair of jeans!

        Author:admin Click:794 Date:2019-6-11 14:19:19

        Jeans, like red wine, the higher the vintage, the more flavorful it is. No matter how the trend changes, it is always the mainstay of the fashion world. It can be both handsome and sexy, whether it is spring or summer or autumn and winter, jeans with a high rate of appearance, so that many stars, supermodels can not put it down. The Viking jeans are uniquely designed and confirmed, they must be the jeans that your wardrobe is looking for.

        Slim-fit denim trousers

        The traditional design of the Viken slim denim trousers with high waist and narrow feet, soft and high-elastic fabric perfectly embellishes the body, both stylish and versatile. The traditional slim jeans visual effect will highlight the slimness of the feet and waist. The upper body can be worn with casual T-shirts and professional shirts. The lower body can also be decorated with sneakers or small high-heeled shoes. Different combinations can show different charms for women. .

        Washed wild loose denim trousers

        In recent years, the retro style has set off a design boom for jeans, and almost everyone can take a washed jeans to walk the world. Viken's washed denim trousers retain the traditional versatile loose jeans version, like a long-awaited old friend, caring for every woman's body. In addition, the design of the wash makes the jeans less serious and more casual. It is a must-have item for both the body and the casual.

        High waist cropped jeans

        Nine-point jeans are the gospel for women of all heights. Viking's high-rise nine-point jeans are not only the type of pants, but of course the most important is the fabric of jeans. The fabric of this pair of jeans is like your second layer of skin. The fabric is superior and comfortable to wear. It does not affect your physical movement. It also improves the waistline and lacks the decoration. It coincides with the purpose of Viking's "following the nature". .

        High waist straight denim trousers

        If the leg lines are difficult to display and you don't want to wear loose jeans, you can choose straight jeans. Straight jeans are a type of pants that do not require as much leg support. The Viking high-rise straight jeans combine the most fashionable curling design of the moment, and the soft fabric does not fit the leg lines too much. It not only satisfies the comfort requirements of everyone's clothes, but also gives everyone a straight effect. With a chiffon shirt, it shows the casual style of the workplace.