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        The textile industry is constantly upgrading to win big market big future

        Author:admin Click:858 Date:2019-6-11 14:42:19

        Founded in 2008, the Global Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Conference (TASCC) is an international exchange platform for the China Textile Industry Federation to study the supply chain management and brand development of textile and apparel every year.

        With the "Internet Exhibition" model, help textile enterprises to expand the market. "New International Textile City (600790) will become the largest textile display and trading market in South China. Guan Haiquan said that the town is vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry. The new International Textile City (600790), which plans to invest 5 billion yuan, has completed land acquisition.

        Guan Haiquan said: In the next stage, in the construction of textile industry, Xiqiao will continue to promote the creation of 'Xiyi Fabric' regional brand; second, increase government policy support; third, promote industrial technology innovation and encourage enterprises to establish their own technological innovation. In the R&D center, the government has increased investment in upgrading the Southern Technology Innovation Center as a public textile technology service platform. Fourth, it will continue to build a green recycling economy and continue to do a good job of the “three unified” service for the unified water supply, unified gas supply and unified sewage treatment of the Xiqiao textile industry. Improve and improve the environmental protection of the entire park, especially in terms of clean production, recycling, sewage treatment capacity and standards; Fifth, plan to upgrade the industrial market, plan to build a new international textile city (600790), land acquisition, land leveling, etc. It has been completed and is now entering the planning and investment promotion stage. It is hoped that through the construction of the market, the textile industry chain will be extended and improved, and the enterprise development market will be promoted and sales will be expanded.

        According to reports, New International Textile City (600790) is located in the Da'an area of ??Xitun Town, covering an area of ??about 700 acres, with a total construction area of ??about 1.3 million square meters. It is owned by China Textile Global Purchasing Center, South China Textile Raw Materials Trading Center and South China Textiles. The enterprise headquarters base, China Textile Culture Creative Tourism City, South China Textile Decoration Fabrics City, and South China Textile Warehouse Modern Logistics City constitute a large-scale urban complex.