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        Trend Interpretation: 6 Major Trend Styles of Spring/Summer Denim from 23 to 24

        Author:admin Click:307 Date:2023-5-24 8:39:43

        After watching POP's 24SS denim trend,

        The trend styles that I quite agree with are six styles: American retro, Bella work style, Cleanfit, denim style

        , Balencia style, and denim new Chinese style.

        Type 1: American retro style

        To be honest, American retro is the cornerstone of the clothing industry, which is commonly referred to as

         "stock style" in the industry.

        Every year there will be, but these years are indeed a period of national nostalgia, so the American retro style 

        will be more pronounced and popular.

        Type 2: Bella tooling style

        In the second half of the year, the popular Bella work clothes style emphasized the strong collision of tight 

        jacket and loose cargo pants, creating a sense of femininity, or "cool" in the public's mouth. The same 

        applies to jeans.

        However, I highly recognize the pink and blue pairing recommended by POP, and the store display is truly 


        Type 3: Cleanfit

        Cleanfit, which also emerged in the second half of 2022, should also come from INS. In 2023, it can be said 

        that it became even more popular in men's clothing.

        But from a professional perspective, Cleanfit is actually a bit conceptual, which means it's not very clear what

        the elements of its style are

        I have read a blogger before who said that Cleanfit emphasizes fit in the format, rather than size/size. That has

         really changed a lot from the previous high street style! I personally agree with the trend of integrated 

        versions, whether they are considered cleanfit or not.

        Type 4: Cowboy Fragrance

        Pop refers to 'exquisite daily life', but I think it's too broad, so it's better to focus on the small fragrance.

        In the past three years, Xiaoxiangfeng has seen a resurgence. Although I am tired of watching as a 

        practitioner, I cannot resist the current lack of new styles in the clothing industry. Xiaoxiangfeng is really 

        so resistant!

        (Looking forward to the release of the epidemic this year, which can bring in more foreign fashion trends)

        Type 5: Balenciaga style

        POP did not mention this style, but there is a mention of the "end of the day wasteland style" in the trend, so 

        I think it's better to say "Balencia style" to be more concrete.

        After all, the Balenciaga family really pushed dark denim to a new height in last year's big show, with dark 

        gray, black, holes, and matte all reaching the top of the TB chart after the Balenciaga family's big show.

        Type 6: Denim New Chinese Style

        How popular is the new Chinese style? I really don't need to say more. Even when we conducted research, 

        consumers were able to blurt out their nationality.

        Previously, there was "brewing tea in a furnace", and now there is "iced tea in a furnace", with endless scenes 

        of national customs. In addition, with the increasing sense of national pride year by year, the popularity of the 

        new Chinese style is far from reaching its peak!!!

        Note: The report is sourced from POP trends and the interpretation is sourced from individuals.

        Former garment factory worker, professional interpretation of fashion trends with you!

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