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        What are the washing processes for denim fabrics?

        Author:admin Click:366 Date:2023-6-26 8:48:51

        As a key focus of the denim industry, water washing focuses on the exploration and application of denim washing technology, becoming a key trend in the future of the denim industry. In the new season, the trend of denim washing techniques such as vintage washing, gradient washing, spray monkey washing, and crease acid washing has become a hot topic. Retro tone vintage washing and spray monkey washing are the focus of current vintage denim design and production, and crease acid washing and worn-out pulp stone washing give denim styles a personalized avant-garde charm.

        Wash with old water

        Keywords: Dust tone, retro wash, retro fading

        Through the fading and transformation of "color falling" and "oxidation", a pair of primary color jeans make Denim look like natural wear, showing the gray feeling of dust tone, which is conducive to creating the retro and worn out effect of jeans, and becomes an important trend in jeans washing.

        Gradual snowflake washing

        Keywords: mottled prints, snowflake effect, gradual halo staining

        Soak the dry pumice with Potassium permanganate solution and dye it. After several times of acid washing and fading, Denim will show gradual mottled, uneven and snowflake like effect on the cloth surface. At the same time, it will also combine with the tie dyeing process to form the effect of banding. Different degrees of acid washing will show different vision.

        Sand washing

        Keywords: surface texture, matte treatment, delicate fading

        Some alkaline and oxidant additives are used to make Denim have certain fading effect and aging feeling after washing. After washing, the surface of the cloth will produce a layer of soft frost white fluff, and then the softener is added to make Denim softer after washing, with fine hand feeling, so as to improve the wearing comfort.

        Spray Monkey

        Keywords: frost whitening effect, uniform fading, local spraying

        Spray Potassium permanganate solution onto jeans with a spray gun according to the design, so that the cloth surface has a uniform fading frost white effect. The degree of fading depends on the concentration of monkeys and the amount of spray. The local spraying and the primary color of Denim are connected to each other, which is an important washing process to create retro and nostalgic tones.

        Crease pickling

        Keywords: crease texture, acid washing treatment, special embossing

        The Denim surface presents the effect of crease texture through special embossing treatment. The crease texture is decomposed through pickling to enrich the layer effect of the surface, with a waxed touch, which is conducive to creating a very personalized avant-garde fashion piece.

        Two color washing

        Keywords: suspension dyeing process, dual color fusion, excessive shade

        The main use of dual color washing is the hanging dyeing process, which can produce a soft, gradual, and harmonious visual effect of denim fabric from light to deep or from deep to light. The clothing needs to be hung up and arranged on a reciprocating rack, and the dyeing tank is filled with different liquid levels of dye, first low and then high. Gradually increasing in stages, the dye solution is concentrated first and then diluted, resulting in a gradual effect.

        Color matching and desizing

        Keywords: bright color matching, desizing and fading, soft fabric

        In addition to the common denim blue, other colors in denim mainly use the over dyeing process and then desizing and fading to break the color limitation of Denim and improve the softness and drapability. They are generally used to re dye the existing Denim to pursue the bright and fashionable color trend.

        Rotten flower pulp stone washing

        Keywords: Rotten flower process, stone washing and abrasion, incomplete damage

        Denim has a three-dimensional effect of yarn removal after washing with the burnt out process, or after the garment is polished with pumice and treated with additives, it will be damaged to a certain extent in some parts. After washing, it will have obvious worn out effect. You can also cut the cloth surface in designated parts, and then wash it to achieve the worn out effect, giving a new aesthetic height of damaged tannin cloth.

        Explosive pattern

        Keywords: burst slurry, natural cracking, ice cracking effect

        Elephant pattern, also known as "ice crack", is the core of this process, which mainly involves the use of "explosive paste". The production method is to manually scrape and apply the explosive paste to the surface of denim clothing with a certain thickness. After drying, various natural cracks will be formed, or white ice cracks will appear after spraying with monkey.

        Cat whisker washing water

        Keywords: cat whisker pattern, needle grinding, three-dimensional layering

        The shape resembles a cat's whisker pattern, named after the processed effect resembling the shape of a cat's whisker. It can be obtained by sewing needles, grinding or wiping the monkey, or directly grinding with a grinding wheel. Combined with three-dimensional wrinkling and then wiping the monkey, it becomes a three-dimensional cat's whisker, with a clearer sense of hierarchy.