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        Just need an article to take you through the 2024 trends in the denim industry

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        2024SS Denim

        Industry trend insights

        This report focuses on popular outfits in the denim industry

        Starting from style and current popular trends

        Insight into important core trends in the industry for the future

        Summarize the key elements of future trends

        The report analyzes from the perspectives of industry macro, inspiration concepts, and development points

        Summarize the Key Trends of Spring/Summer 24

        Part 1

        Four major trendy denim fashion styles


        Sports and Leisure - American Retro Style


        The retro American sports style can be traced back to

        Tennis was popular in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s

        Later, combined with the culture of American campuses

        Incorporating hip-hop street elements

        Mixed with retro sentiment

        Young, free, unrestrained, and passionate youth

        This style is a popular item in denim

        Mainly mini ultra short pleated skirts, sexy low waisted pants, etc

        Choose a classic red color scheme paired with washed denim blue

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        Shaoshu Sexy - Sweet Cool Spicy Girl Style

        In the past two years, it has been found that the popularity index of the sweet and spicy girl style has been increasing day by day. From Blackpink to Hyuna, as well as 30+sisters who have weathered the wind and waves, the sweet and spicy girl style has been vividly portrayed.

        Sweet and spicy style in selecting styles and designs

        Pursuing avant-garde, bold, and highly saturated colors

        Showcasing individuality and boldness, different from pure desire style

        Presenting with more confidence and sunshine, pursuing the true self

        The combination of washed denim blue and girl pink

        Tight top paired with three-dimensional workwear pants

        Or ultra short sexy hot pants

        Emitting a positive attitude towards life from the inside out

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        Create a relaxed feeling - cleanfit style

        Layered basic style creates a relaxed and minimalist feel

        Cleanfit with sustained strong winds in recent months

        From 2022 directly to 2023,

        Aesthetic trend centered on simplicity and comfort

        Let a group of trendsetters subtract from their outfits

        Create a relaxed dressing style


        The three key points of a clean fit are

        Choose a basic or classic version

        Using low saturation simple color schemes on colors

        Perform layering and matching

        Choose a shorter or more fitting silhouette

        Paired with denim pants

        Make the overall outfit more streamlined and layered

        The key to clean fit style dressing

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        Elegant and minimalist - exquisite daily life

        The elegant and exquisite daily dressing style conveys a simple yet personalized quality of life attitude, which is a high-quality dressing style pursued by many young career women. Simple to the extreme with sharp lines, no unnecessary pattern embellishments, low-key details, effortlessly creating a high-end elegance, showcasing a gentle yet powerful personal charm.

        Mixed with retro sentiment

        Young, free, unrestrained, and passionate youth

        This style is a popular item in denim

        Mainly mini ultra short pleated skirts, sexy low waisted pants, etc

        Choose a classic red color scheme paired with washed denim blue

        Exquisite and minimalist high-quality lifestyle

        Part 2

        Trend Macro


        Danning washing process - sustainable fashion


        With the fashion industry becoming a city transformation

        Key driving forces for urban renewal

        Spread the concept of sustainable fashion

        Exploration of environmentally friendly denim washing process

        Becoming a key focus of the denim industry

        New collaborations in the art of G-Star RAW

        Mix denim waste with blue pigment concrete

        Create an art series called "Rock and Roll" denim,

        A strong and feminine design is created by

        Created by Japanese selvedge denim fabric with thin gauze

        Denham 15th Anniversary Capsule Series

        To express my love for blue and the profound history of blue culture

        Using natural plant-based blue dye

        Inspired by blue leaf flowers

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        Danning Splicing Revitalization - Disassembly and Reorganization

        The recycling and reassembly of tannin's old materials is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to the concept of sustainability. Acne Studios uses a large amount of tannin fabric, which is boldly cut, recombined and assembled in different ways. The overall color tone is gentle, creating a High Fashion texture.

        In Marine Serre's Spring 23 collection

        A large number of tannin splicing elements increase the three-dimensional and layered feel of the clothes

        Comparison of washing colors of tannins

        It has also become a focus of fashion creativity

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        Digital Display - Metaverse Cowboy

        New Vision Magazine

        In the past year

        The concept of metaverse explodes in the Chinese market

        The scale of the virtual industry market continues to grow

        And entered a rapid development stage


        Digital fashion show

        Virtual Brand Officer

        Virtual Cowboy and Metaverse Co branded Series, etc

        Successfully attracted consumers who are proficient in digital technology

        The Virtual Stage of "Fashion Metaverse"

        Bringing many possibilities to the denim industry

        Part 3

        Inspiration concept


        Y2K Aesthetics


        Y2K refers to the period from the late 1990s to 2010

        Popular dressing styles

        It is the current tone of sweet and spicy style

        Incorporating elements of retro aesthetics

        Incorporating a strong sense of retro into the futuristic technology

        With the gradual improvement of the global epidemic situation

        People's attitudes towards life are more inclined towards positivity and optimism

        Y2K Aesthetic Shining Colors and Their Elements Bring the Power of Joy and Sunshine

        New Jeans, a new generation Korean girl group

        Becoming Levi's ? Global Brand Ambassador

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        Apocalyptic wasteland

        With the increasing audience of wasteland aesthetics and the exploration of commercial value, the wonderful chemical reactions generated by the collision of highly developed technology and the dilapidated and desolate environment have a dangerous and charming beauty.

        More and more designers are constantly extracting elements from the apocalyptic wasteland as a source of inspiration

        Science fiction, functionality, avant-garde, punk, destruction, apocalypse, future

        Using fabric materials with different low saturation tones

        To simulate the waste soil environment in different scenarios

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        Improved New Chinese Style


        New Chinese style refers to traditional Chinese clothing

        After improvement, it has become a fashion item in our daily wear

        Integrating traditional Eastern aesthetics with modern practical elements

        Can be elegant and carefree

        Higher wearability than traditional Chinese style items


        At the same time, it has a modern and simple clothing structure, as well as a unique classical charm of Chinese style. In denim clothing, elements such as cheongsam collars, buttons, ink paintings, plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo chrysanthemums, etc. are used to reflect the softness of Chinese style, becoming a modern and youthful dress that is elegant for women. The new Chinese style clothing highlights a sense of meaning and charm, reflecting the Eastern charm.