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        1998, WECAN was founded in Zhoucun, Shandong province, which is famous for silk and was named in “SILK TOWN”. Same year, import and export were applied successfully. 

        1999, Zhoucun Production base was set up, which helps WECAN form Production-sales chain. 

        2000, WECAN established co-operational relationship with ELAND, the biggest fashion corporate in Korea. 

        2001, WECAN established a partnership with Basic House, the famous fashion corporate in Korea. 

        2002, Business Department three was set up due to the expansion of market. Business departments form complementary operation mode. 

        2003, WECAN improved organization structure, achieved scientific management by detailing work and clearing responsibility. Board of directors was founded same time, and Li Li is the chairman.. 

        2004, Design studio was set up to realize independent research and development function.

        2005, the company introduced scientific production and management system, and optimized the integration of resources. 

        2006, Foundation-laying ceremony was held in the site of the new factory which is by Ji-Qing Highway in New High-Tech Zone , Zibo. 

        2007, The new production base construction was finished, and put into service in November After introducing the New IC, WECAN present itself as a new image.

        2008, WECAN established a partnership with HANGTEN, then the NO.5 business department was set up.

        2009, We implement 5s management further to improve the system of factory management, production process, achieving scientific and standardized management. 

        2010, as business expands, we set up the sixth, and seventh business department. We won the “Excellent Cooperative Enterprise” of Eland Group in September.

        2011, In January, we were awarded a prize of SHINSEGAE" excellent cooperation company" in South Korea.

        2012, through a third party audit, we become a member of SEDEX, further cooperation with many famous brand. Same year, we succeeded in opening up Japanese market and set up the eighth business department.

        2013, we promoted comprehensive budget management, realizing the integration of the business flow, information flow to the company, decentralizing management risk, and optimizing the allocation of resources . 

        2014, we expanded the fabric supplier resources, successfully developed a variety of fabrics and functional fabrics.

        2015, we carried out fine management, optimizing the business and management processes, and excavating mining cost potential, and to be effective management.

        2016, we further improved the company's quality management system and formed a quality supervision and management mechanism for the entire production process.

        2017, the company implemented comprehensive target management, which is goal-oriented, people-centered and results-based, to stimulate the potential of the enterprise.

        2018, since the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment, the company has practiced lean production management to practice "internal management work", reduce waste. And create enterprise competitiveness of high efficiency, low cost and high quality.

        2019, employees are encouraged to make breakthrough and innovations, strengthen their professional, and constantly improve their business ability and management level.